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ISP Representative andrewhearn
(isp) Sun 27-Nov-16 14:40:59
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Extra quota for Home::1 and new SoHo::1 tariffs

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In case you missed our status page announcement....

Home::1 Quota Increase: We're pleased to announce a 50GB quota increase for customers on the Home:1 tariffs with no change in the monthly costs. For example, those on the Home::1 100GB tariff will have 150GB, those on 200GB will have 250GB etc... This will start from your next bill - which for most people will be December 1st. (The Home::1TB tariff is unchanged and stays at 1TB)

New SoHo::1 Tariffs: We are launching new SoHo::1 tariffs! These are aimed at businesses and will have 150GB, 250GB 350GB and 2TB quotas. These will have a few extra features that the existing Home::1 services don't have such as blocks of IPv4, VAT invoices, optional proactive line monitoring during working hours.

More info:

Andrew Hearn
AAISP 033 33 400 999
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Standard User 23Prince
(committed) Sun 27-Nov-16 18:00:51
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Re: Extra quota for Home::1 and new SoHo::1 tariffs *DELETED

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Post deleted by 23Prince

I was going to ask a question but then found the answer so deleted

Edited by 23Prince (Sun 27-Nov-16 19:30:51)

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