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Standard User CecilWard
(newbie) Sun 14-Jan-18 02:22:52
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AA shipping DLink modems with bitswap=off [!] - do fix yours

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I just noticed from this article at,17065.msg313... that the stupid DLink DSL-320B-Z1 modem really does truly have bitswap off, it's not just a UI bug. The poster tested it and says it is indeed slow+crap (as you would expect) with it 'off'. So AA shipping them with defaults is a bad thing.

Fortunately I have doctored all of my modems anyway. You really do need to doctor yours - go into the web admin user interface on the device and change this setting. I have written this up in the AA support wiki article about this modem but I doubt the changes have yet been ‘approved’ that is made visible by default. There is presumably some way of seeing the latest version of the article if one digs around?
ISP Representative andrewhearn
(isp) Wed 14-Feb-18 16:24:00
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Re: AA shipping DLink modems with bitswap=off [!] - do fix y

[re: CecilWard] [link to this post]
Just to say that our config for these now enables bitswap. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Andrew Hearn
AAISP 033 33 400 999
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