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Standard User DanMumford
(newbie) Sat 03-Mar-18 01:31:49
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Help Understanding BQM? - VirginMedia

[link to this post]
Hey guys,

I originally made a post over on the Virgin Media Community hoping that someone could help me there but I haven't had any luck, I've copied the original post to repost here, hopefully someone can help, and/or let me know if the BQM looks OK/correct?




Since around Christmas time our WiFi signal seems to be dropping almost every day, constantly losing connection on our devices (phones, Xbox, Alexa etc)

I did a chat with someone from VirginMedia support last week and they said they would push some update/settings to our SuperHub2 to try and help with the issue but it hasn't improved.

I've been running a Broadband Quality check via since the middle of January, but I'm not entirely sure how to read the data, or if it shows any errors?

I have included a screenshot showing the check from the last 5 days."

BQM - 12th - 16th Feb 2018

A VirginMedia forum team member said the connection looks good...(and then never replied again)

"Hi, thanks for the reply.

If the connection looks good and it's just a wireless issue, what does that mean? Is there a fault with the SuperHub?

This is the Quality check from yesterday and today (so far) Several spikes and drop offs?"

BQM - 22nd Feb 2018

...and here is a link to the latest BQM result, 2nd/3rd March

This is pretty much what my daily monitor looks like every day, give or take a few red bars.

Can anyone let me know if this looks OK?

Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Sat 03-Mar-18 09:28:56
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Re: Help Understanding BQM? - VirginMedia

[re: DanMumford] [link to this post]
Looks normal for Virgin Media

Remember the BQM is only monitoring between our pingbox and your virgin media modem, so it is NOT testing your WiFi

What the BQM shows is the usual yellow jitter from a cable service, some increase in average latency around 4:30pm, i.e. when you start using it a lot or others in area do

The big top to bottom spikes may just be a large app update delaying the BQM packets

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