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Standard User WWWombat
(fountain of knowledge) Mon 16-Jun-14 12:20:33
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North Yorkshire - 2nd Public Consultation

[link to this post]
North Yorkshire has run a 2nd open market review, in preparation for spending the £8m it has allocated to a phase 2 of the current BDUK project (which is a second phase related to the first £530m BDUK allocation)

It has now opened a second public consultation after this review, which remains open until 12th July.

The map looks, frankly, like the where&when map of the SFNY project, suggesting that nothing magic has come forward from the OMR.

North Yorkshire continues to define their intervention area threshold as 25Mbps. Phase 1 looks to achieve 86% coverage above that threshold, with phase 2 aiming at > 90%. Nothing new in those numbers.
Standard User mrvanx
(member) Sun 22-Jun-14 14:44:38
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Re: North Yorkshire - 2nd Public Consultation

[re: WWWombat] [link to this post]
Looks like my area (Burnholme near the WMC, and the new estate on that site) is in the purple zone.

Looks like that is the extent of the information available at the moment? The where and when map on SFNY leaves a bit to be desired in terms of detail. Im sure it is more tricky to get the information out than I appreciate but the map isnt exactly detailed.

Sky Unlimited

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