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Standard User diEselfreAk
(newbie) Thu 19-Jun-14 10:01:35
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FTTPod when?

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Are there any indications when FTTPod will be generally available?

I'm on the Portadown exchange and under 100meters from Cab54, which I'm currently getting infinity2 from.
But would get a faster product if it was available, I understand the costs.

Are we talking this year... five years?
Standard User flipdee
(member) Sat 21-Jun-14 05:30:30
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Re: FTTPod when?

[re: diEselfreAk] [link to this post]
The fttpod rollout went from Belfast Malone in the initial trials to a number of exchanges in the rest of Belfast, not Cregagh where I actually know of a business with the need for fttpod , typical, however on a more fundamental note, fttpod is the child no-one really wants to talk about
, apart from plusnet's trial I can't get anyone else to quote me for a connection. BTRetail won't even phone me back.
So even I'm areas where it's available it's still not easy to get installed.
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