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Standard User rippedcotton
(experienced) Thu 19-Jun-14 18:51:03
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Wilstead exchange BDUK FTTC - when to expect some news?

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My phone line is served from exchange SMWLS on cabinet 5, the BDUK scheme for Bedford Borough states that we should expect to get FTTC between January and June 2015 as part of phase 3 of the project.

Recently an empty BT cabinet (not a Fibre cabinet) has been installed close to the existing Cabinet 5 adjacent to the BT duct covers, from what I can see the lines will need to be moved over onto (currently not fitted) frames within it before the old cabinet is removed and a Fibre cabinet is installed in its place. I don't know if they would pull new cables from the exchange side, or indeed put new cables in on the premises side.

Is there any easy way to find out when this is likely to happen? With a 6 month uncertainty window I would be interested in knowing a little more accurately when I will be able to receive FTTC broadband.

Also, any idea on potential speed at about 350m from the cabinet? Speed tables I've seen suggest somewhere in the 35Mbps region but I don't have a feel for how pessimistic the figures given are relative to real world performance.




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