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Standard User UKconfederate
(newbie) Wed 23-Jul-14 16:57:03
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Cabinet map for Billingborough (Lincolnshire)

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I've been mapping the PCP's for the Billingborough exchange near Sleaford in Lincolnshire.

So far, I've managed to pinpoint 4 cabinets but I do know there is at least one more (cabinet 7) but can't locate it on the ground.

Two of the cabinets now have a Fibre cabinet located next to the with go live date(s) of July - Dec 2014.

Hope some of you find this useful.

Billingborough Exchange PCP Cabinets
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Wed 23-Jul-14 17:48:03
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Re: Cabinet map for Billingborough (Lincolnshire)

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6 maybe 7 cabinets, google streetview does not show where I think it might be on Highfields leisure park.

cab 4,-0.346273,3...

cab 6,+Bil...

Presume it is cabs 2 and 3 with a fibre twin waiting to go live.

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Standard User UKconfederate
(newbie) Thu 24-Jul-14 09:13:56
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Re: Cabinet map for Billingborough (Lincolnshire)

[re: MrSaffron] [link to this post]
Hi MrSaffron,

Thank you for your information regarding the location of the missing cabinets, I can't believe I've never noticed the cabinet on Grovesnor Road, Billingborough before, despite driving by it on numerous occasions.

I would have never found Cabinet 4 as I never go down Blasson Way so thank you for that one. I had been told that there is a cabinet (7) on the Highfields Country Retreat Leisure Park but I too cannot pinpoint it on Google, so I will have a ride out there at the weekend to see if I can find the exact location.

Yes, both Cabs 2 & 3 have had a twin cabinet installed next to them within the past two weeks. What did surprise me though is that Cabinet 2 has had a much smaller cab (single) installed next to it than the original (double cab) but cab 3 has had a big double cab installed, much bigger than the original one which appears to be a single cab.

Once again, thank you for your help smile

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