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Standard User mrkelly
(regular) Wed 23-Jul-14 21:03:35
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Northern Ireland Broadband Improvement Project

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Hi there,

I just thought I'd post a link to the following website for people in Northern Ireland who are still awaiting a decent broadband service: NIDirect Broadband Improvement Project

As a bit of background, sometime in 2013 local government asked for feedback from people whose broadband provision was either "not superfast" (less than 15Mbps) or "not broadband" (less than 2Mbps). At the time I was told they would do something with the data collected in January 2014.

Recently, I have noticed at least 4 standalone fibre broadband cabinets (with the "Fibre Broadband coming soon to this area" stickers on the front) appear in my local area. These cabinets are not paired with regular cabinets, and appear to be part of the work described in the link above. I contacted to enquire what the deal was and they pointed me to the Broadband Improvement Project page.

They stressed that just because a postcode (or partial postcode really) is listed in the document does not mean that every premises will see an improvement. I hope that this link brings some optimism for people waiting patiently, or even impatiently!


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