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Standard User lolabora
(newbie) Wed 17-Sep-14 16:33:51
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How do I connect fibre directly (no Cat5e / Cat6 cable)?

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Hello there!

I am getting 1GB fibre optic (Hyperoptic) installed soon. They said they will get the fibre to my cupboard at our building's doorsteps and from then will run a cat5e cable into each of the 3 flats in our building. I have had 2 servers and all computers located across three different floors of my flat upgraded to 10 GB fibre cards and interconnected via fibre. I don't use cat cables anymore for my local network. I therefore would very much like to have the fibre coming right into my flat so I can plug it right into the network and also have the freedom to just reposition it wherever I want later on using fibre.

1) What do I need for this? What should I ask the installer for?
2) Can I plug Hyperoptic's fibre optic right into my computer fibre cards or do I need a special fibre modem in-between the fibre card and Hyperoptic's fibre?
3) I want to have the freedom to upgrade the wifi router anytime I want as technology evolves, I don't want to use Hyperoptic's router (I currently have a 802.11ac router which Hyperoptic doesn't offer). For this purpose, do I need a fibre modem device? If so, what is the best one you recommend?

Thanks for any guidance on this matter.


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Standard User ian72
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Wed 17-Sep-14 16:47:59
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Re: How do I connect fibre directly (no Cat5e / Cat6 cable)?

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I suspect that hyperoptic use the Ethernet port as the demarcation point between their network and the customer. I suspect your best bet would be to use a media converter to go from cat5 to fibre.

Are you using the computer as a firewall/router device for the network? If not then you may need a dedicated router anyway.
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Wed 17-Sep-14 17:28:59
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Re: How do I connect fibre directly (no Cat5e / Cat6 cable)?

[re: lolabora] [link to this post]
1. I thought the Hyperoptic router was a requirement of the service. You should have already checked whether they are happy for you to hang your own Ethernet router off the Ethernet and what configuration is required. e.g. they will usually supply just a single IP address but if you have specific public IP address requirements e.g. block of statics this might be available for a fee.

2. They DO NOT deliver fibre directly into your flat, unless you want to a PAY for a custom job at custom prices, installer will not have the option to do this, so negotiation ahead of time would be needed. Even with their fibre you may need to do standards conversion.

3. To connect your 10 Gig fibre cards then a media converter from Ethernet to whatever fibre standard you are using (not all fibre can just be plugged into each other anyway) is needed. 10 Gbps ones might not be that cheap.

4. If you have a fibre LAN, one presumes you already have a fibre switch installed, a good many of these also accept Ethernet connectivity.

5. What AC router are you using that has fibre input to not have any Ethernet cables.

Without knowing exactly what kit and configuration this is a difficult question to answer.

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