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Standard User tbshadow
(newbie) Tue 23-Sep-14 14:09:35
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RAF church fenton, possible EO line, cabinet is only 100m

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Hopefully someone on here can help.

I live opposite the RAF Church Fenton airbase, and I was excited to see that a brand new fibre enabled cabinet has recently been installed.

However it now looks like our street is served by an EO line, and does not connect to the cabinet which is approximately 100m from my home.

The street is "Little Ings close" LS24 9RZ, 15 houses altogether.

The street that runs parallel to it, "Trans Walk" LS24 9RR can get the fibre. (at least house numbers 1-> 3 can anyway)

My broadband speed is about 1 to 1.5mb down, and just .3mb upload and I work from home most days.

If I need to upload some patches to a server at work, I have to drive a 50 mile round trip to Leeds just to do that.

The DSLtracker does not have a cabinet number for my property, which is why I suspect the line to be EO but the exchange is about 5-7 km away in the nearby village of Barkstone Ash.

So firstly, is my line really EO or is this just a mistake, if it does connect to the cabinet then once the database is amended I can order the broadband.

the pole is fed from an underground cable, with the following markings on it. MYSKL01 MY9DUH71.

other info can be made available, or emailed as a photo.

The next question is,

If the fibre connected cabinet is at the entrance to the RAF base (less than 100m away), and is live, can we get bt openreach to connect our street to this box rather than our existing line. We are willing to pay for some or all of this work (depending on cost), but we need to now how we can go about getting a quote and paying for the work to be done.

BT residential is no real help after many phone calls to them.

it seems silly to pay for a 7km fibre cable and cabinet for about 100 homes, but leave 15 homes with a 1.5mb connection for the sake of 100meters of copper cable.

Any help would be gratefully received. to be 100m away from the cabinet, and have to put up with 1.5mb/sec when our neighbors can get up to 80mb/sec is very frustrating.

Thanks in advance,

Standard User AndyPandy
(fountain of knowledge) Tue 23-Sep-14 15:50:27
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Re: RAF church fenton, possible EO line, cabinet is only 100

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The first thing I'd try is your local BDUK scheme, assuming here is one. They may have plans for EO lines (new cab, or FTTP), but failing that, may help you to finance the work yourselves.

Involving your MP might help too, who knows smile

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Fritz!Box 3390
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Tue 23-Sep-14 16:13:17
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Re: RAF church fenton, possible EO line, cabinet is only 100

[re: tbshadow] [link to this post]
if that 100m of work to link cabinets was at the usual £150 per meter cost for trenching you can see why they might skip 15 homes.

LS24 9RR is partially served by cabinet 2. Some lines are EO based in that postcode too.

No sign of the North Yorks project doing EO work on that exchange, but who knows what might happen as the next phases commence. So advice is chase the project people. There is a possibility they may believe that LS24 9RZ is served by cabinet 1

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Standard User WWWombat
(fountain of knowledge) Tue 23-Sep-14 17:23:00
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Re: RAF church fenton, possible EO line, cabinet is only 100

[re: tbshadow] [link to this post]
Superfast North Yorkshire are the people to talk to.

Remember that BT could plan to perform some "copper re-alignment" tasks within BDUK, where they re-home an EO cable into an existing cabinet - though that depends on there being capacity. That could be worth exploring.

Also remember that SFNY is about to embark on their phase 2 (which is with BT), so when you ask about your line, make sure the answers you get are clarified for phase 1 and phase 2 involvement.

And... SFNY is about to start planning for phase 3 (the report is due to the council at the end of October), for which they have recently done an OMR. If the answers for phases 1 and 2 aren't satisfactory, you might want to make sure they know about your address for input into phase 3.

Finally, you might have an option still... If you know someone who backs onto you who *can* get service, you could arrange to have an extra line fitted over there, and use a very-directional pair of WiFi antenna to get back to your house.
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