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Standard User Stevenage_Neil
(committed) Tue 07-Oct-14 14:27:57
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Talk about embarrassed..

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Came back from holiday to find a dead phone. Called Sky who dispatched OR within two days - duff faceplate due to recent bad weather in the area. Problem fixed but broadband running at half speed. Requested Sky to order a DLM reset and was told it would take "two or three days". Still no joy after four days so I get on to Sky again. Sky call me up today to run some tests and tell me that the modem is reporting 40000/10000. My router is reporting 16495/10000. The Sky man then checked via OR which also reported 40000/10000. I then decided to reboot my router. Guess what? 40000/10000.

I have never known a router to get frozen before.......
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