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Standard User theferret
(newbie) Wed 08-Oct-14 14:25:15
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FTTC Swaffham incoming - two lines, possible challenge?

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Hi, I live in a village served by the Swaffham exchange. I saw the cabinets installed a month or so ago and finally was able to order on Monday.My go live date is 17 October.

I have a TT residential line and a BT Business line. My TT line is the one that I wish to upgrade and it will be a self-install which worries me!

When I had the business line installed, they disconnected my residential line and that took a week to sort out.

On the Wholesale tracker, both my numbers return no results - I do get a Cabinet 9 listed when using my address - so are both lines in that cabinet?

Will it be obvious in the cabinet the difference between my residential and business line?

Should I fear the worst smile based upon previous experiences.
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