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Standard User Hamils
(newbie) Fri 10-Oct-14 17:11:27
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FTTC Cabinet enabled but no Fibre B/b for our street

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Our cabinet was enabled for FTTC back in March'14 under the Superfast Surrey scheme (Weybridge exchange, Cabinet 56 on Woodham Lane, Addlestone). However, Fibre Broadband is still not available for our house or any of the 12 in our cul-de-sac / postcode (Woodside, KT153BF) according to the BT Wholesale address checker. The cul-de-sac opposite us is the only other street I have found that is connected to cabinet 56, and the checker advises that FTTC IS available to those properties at speeds of 61-80mbps. Our 2 streets are equidistant to the cabinet - around 300 yards - so distance can't be the issue (as Superfast Surrey suggested). I have tried to follow this up with BT, but their call center response from technical support was "there are many technical reasons why one house can have FTTC but the house next door cannot" and they wouldn't take the issue any further for me.
Should I just sit and hope something happens, or is this unusual and should be followed up? Any advice gratefully received. I am concerned that - with our cabinet completed - we are 'lost off the map'.
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