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Standard User davedoolan
(newbie) Mon 17-Nov-14 22:26:16
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Another E/O question

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Can someone help with an E/O to fttc question.

On my street there are 2 cabinets about 150 metres & 250 metres away, but on the other side of the road. The BT line checker has changed from accepting orders to under review for fttc. My line is an E/O line and the exchange is 2 miles away. I think mine & my neighbours' lines must pass through the BT manhole and pass at least one of the cabinets on the way to the exchange. I am not certain these cabinets are fttc enabled yet, but the postcode checker says it is available in the area.

BT tell me that they have no plans to upgrade E/O lines at this exchange & it is not commercially viable for them to do this. There are about 12 houses affected.

Could anyone tell me if this is a massive job to switch the line into a cabinet or am I being a total simpleton in underestimating what's involved? I asked BT several times what if a new house was built on the spare land at the side of my house, how would they connect it to the telephone/broadband supply but they refused to answer.

Thanks in anticipation.
Standard User MCM
(fountain of knowledge) Mon 17-Nov-14 22:47:23
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Re: Another E/O question

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Our cluster of 75 EO lines in central London isn't considered commercially viable so it's no surprise that BT consider 12 to be unviable. Most recent cost estimate from BT to enable FTTC for those 75 lines requires a gap funding contribution of £18K inc VAT so be prepared to get out your collective cheque books.
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