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Standard User mjl123
(newbie) Thu 27-Nov-14 15:22:17
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Missed cabinets raised in Parliament

[link to this post]
I posted a while ago about our cabinet (Cheltenham 151) having fallen down the gap between the commercial rollout of FTTC and the tax payer funder BDUK rollout.

Just to add that this is mainly about non-rural cabinets that Openreach do not consider commercially viable, but BDUK consider to be in a commercial area and so won't touch.

We met with our MP who later raised it in Parliament and thought I'd share the video of his speech here, as it's a nationwide problem that I know affects others on here. The video is here

We've also got the local media (BBC Radio Gloucestershire) involved and they've covered the story on a couple of their shows, where they spoke to us, our MP and, on the second attempt, got a spokesperson from Fastershire (BDUK for Glos). The audio from these are also on our YouTube Channel here.

Thought I'd share as could be of interest.


Matt (

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