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Standard User alloneword
(regular) Tue 16-Dec-14 14:46:10
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Openreach say YES, plusnet say nooooo, how to find out truth

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Open was reading at ISPreview about openreachs new website checker
OpenReach (OR) say
Exchange name: Bermondsey

Status: Accepting orders

Great news. Superfast Fibre is in your area and your cabinet is enabled and accepting orders. Contact your preferred communications provider for your home or business to order.

So like a good boy i ring my ISP (PlusNet) but they said there is nothing for me not even a date of it going live, well if anyone knew what was going to be OR, PlusNet refused to do any more digging just kept saying "Computer says no" and that was it, now i know OR won't talk to me so where do i go from here, is it a case of checking with another ISP and who is right OR or PlusNet?

ISP Representative chrisparr
(isp) Tue 16-Dec-14 14:56:50
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Re: Openreach say YES, plusnet say nooooo, how to find out t

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Hi again,

I've just replied over here:

Chris Parr
Plusnet Support Team
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