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Standard User keymoo
(learned) Wed 28-Jan-15 14:43:01
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What is the current BTOR modem make/model?

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And is it a modem or modem/router? I prefer to have the WAN IP on my router for more control, just wondering what is being shipped these days. My cabinet is close to being switched on.
Standard User RobertoS
(elder) Wed 28-Jan-15 14:53:46
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Re: What is the current BTOR modem make/model?

[re: keymoo] [link to this post]
What you get has two variables.

Some ISPs now ship a VDSL2 router to you on some of their packages, and you don't get an Openreach modem.

Others still have Openreach installing a modem, and in general you don't get a choice. It is a Huawei HG 612 or and ECI something. They are both VDSL2 router locked in bridge mode.

We need to know the expected ISP and package you will go for.

The Huawei is easily hacked. The ECI far more difficult. The usual reason for hacking is to get at the stats, but some people have used an HG612 in modem mode. Bear in mind it doesn't have a built-in WAP and only has two Ethernet ports.

Some people ditch it and buy their own VDSL2 router. Taking a chance on it complying with Openreach's stated requirements.

Google SIN 498, tells you everything. A couple of sections in the body and detail in the Appendices.

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