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Standard User Netwrox
(newbie) Sun 22-Mar-15 20:16:47
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PCP 36 Cherry Hinton. Any FTTC hope?

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I was wondering whether anyone here might have any insight into my prospects of getting FTTC. Iím connected to cabinet 36 on the Cherry Hinton (EACRH) exchange in Cambridge.

Itís a new development of 136 homes, but connected to a pre-existing cabinet which already had about 80 addresses connected to it prior to the new development. Openreach confirmed via the (since shutdown) NGA enquires email that they have no plans to include it in the commercial programme, which I suppose is fair enough given the low number of connected addresses at the time the commercial rollout was planned.

Things have changed since then, though. I doubt Openreach will do it, but is there any prospect for the BDUK programme (Connecting Cambridgeshire)? Thereís nothing listed on their site, and theyíve not been forthcoming with responses to several emails. On the face of it, the 215 connected addresses, nearly three quarters of which have no Virgin Media access, would seem a decent prospect. However another thread suggested that anything built since 2012 (this development was completed 2013-14) wonít have any impact on BDUK decisions.

Itís pretty frustrating, particularly seeing which cabinets on the exchange ARE ending up on the BDUK programme. Cabinet 47 has recently appeared on the Connecting Cambridgeshire site as upcoming to be upgraded, in spite of having fewer than 50 addresses connected to it!
Standard User FredTheB
(regular) Sun 22-Mar-15 20:56:48
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Re: PCP 36 Cherry Hinton. Any FTTC hope?

[re: Netwrox] [link to this post]

Exchange: Cherry Hinton
Cabinet: 36
Fibre Availability: None Available
Fibre Phase: None Available
Speeds Available: ADSL2+ 10-17Mbps Download | 1Mbps Upload

Sorry mate no fibre for you yet. However, Cherry Hinton is being reviewed by BDUK Cambridgeshire ( Connecting Cambridgeshire) so there is a possibility you could either have fibre at the end of this year or next year. It depends how long the engineers take to survey your area.

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ISP Representative merula
(isp) Mon 23-Mar-15 00:29:49
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Re: PCP 36 Cherry Hinton. Any FTTC hope?

[re: Netwrox] [link to this post]
Part of the problem with the BDUK scheme is that they won't normally pay for an upgrade IF an alternative is there. Currently at least some of the addresses served by that cabinet are showing as having Virgin Media enabled.

Obviously they will know more than I on if this applies here - BUT may well explain why to date it has not been done

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Standard User WWWombat
(knowledge is power) Mon 23-Mar-15 21:37:46
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Re: PCP 36 Cherry Hinton. Any FTTC hope?

[re: merula] [link to this post]
What Merula says is true sometimes. Some counties are reticent at upgrading cabinets if there is even partial VM coverage (faster shire springs to mind), while others will consider upgrades even with substantial coverage (Warwickshire springs to mind).

However, the biggest hurdle in phase 1 is that the NGA white areas (the intervention area) are very set in stone. Postcodes that have since been built are SOL, unfortunately.

In phase 2, the most open counties are including rules that let them change area. A lot of projects are going through phase 2 procurement right now, so at minimum, you want to make sure your postcode is defined white for phase 2.

I wrote a lot for someone else over on this thread, which may or may not apply
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