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Standard User AndyPandy
(fountain of knowledge) Wed 25-Mar-15 10:50:58
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Looks to me like G.INP has been rolled out to me:

Receive Direction

Send Direction

Max. DSLAM throughput kbit/s 80000 20000
Min. DSLAM throughput kbit/s 128 0
Attainable data rate kbit/s 88991 27084
Current throughput kbit/s 79997 19999
Seamless rate adaptation off off

Latency fast fast
Impulse Noise Protection 44 46
G.INP on on

Signal-to-noise ratio dB 8 10
Bitswap on on
Line attenuation dB 17 22

Profile 17a
G.Vector off off

Carrier record A43 A43

Boosted my attainable rate by quite a bit!

ZeN Unlimited Fibre 2
Fritz!Box 3390
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