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Standard User paul_liverpoolfc
(regular) Thu 14-May-15 18:37:14
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Do Talk Talk offer fibre at village exchanges?

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Fibre went live on my cabinet in my village in September/October last year.

This was as a result of the Connecting Cambridgeshire project.

I'm connected to the Sawston (EASST) market 1 exchange.

For the last 7/8 months, the Talk Talk fibre checker's said their fibre's not available to me.

We were going to have fibre as soon as it came out but a mix-up resulting in us being put on a Talk Talk line.

From what I've read, Talk Talk usually install fibre equipment in an exchange about 8 weeks after it going live with fibre.

Could it be that Talk Talk don't think it's financially viable to come out here?

Do Talk Talk usually offer fibre at village exchanges?


GPRS > 3G > HSDPA > ADSL > ADSL Max > ADSL2+ > FTTC in next few weeks > FTTP next decade?

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Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Thu 14-May-15 18:44:47
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Re: Do Talk Talk offer fibre at village exchanges?

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The EASST exchange has been providing fibre services for sometime at least summer 2014, so adding your cabinet will change nothing.

The guess is that even though they have LLU available they aren't fussed about adding the fibre link that's needed to pick up the fibre customers.

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