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Standard User olicuk
(newbie) Mon 18-May-15 17:01:47
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Status changes on SFOR from EA to UR

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A number of cabinets in Hampshire due to be completed under the Commercial rollout (incl. 92, 95 and 102 in Basingstoke, and 15 in Sherfield-on-Loddon) have changed status on the site in the last few days from EA (Enabled Area, ie/ you're in our plans, but our cabinet has not yet been upgraded) to UR (Under Review).

This feels like it could be a step backwards as I'm sure that was the previous category before our engagement (for PCP102) with OpenReach via BT last autumn, however some surveying seems to have been carried out in the past week according to some fellow residents spotting people in hi-vis around the local cabinets. Looking at other threads on here, it's not clear if more often than not, things actually move forwards in this UR state and we should see it as a positive development?

We've never had a forecast date on the BT Wholesale checker, but the other cabinets which have moved to UR have had dates, and these have not changed (mostly still saying Sept 15).

Not every cabinet in Hampshire still due to be enabled under the Commercial programme (~22 at the last count, with ~1600 enabled) seems to have changed status, those in Southampton and Titchfield I've checked are still showing EA, but those around Basingstoke have moved to UR.

Any insight would be useful!

Many thanks

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