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Standard User Bald_Eagle1
(experienced) Tue 19-May-15 19:43:09
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HG612 Modem Stats v 5.1 Full Release for Windows Users

[link to this post]
Please note that v 5.1 of HG612 Modem Stats is due to be released as a full update some time tonight.

Existing users will be able to update to v 5.1 via the GUI's auto-update system.

The full package will be available from

Changes since v 5.0:-

* G.INP related data is now included in logs optionally uploaded to MyDSLWebstats

* Ongoing FULL__MONTY stats montage reformatted to include all relevant graphs
in a single montage for G.INP active connections

* Various improvements to the graphing displays

* Various MINOR programming reliability improvements

MyDSLWebstats users may need to wait for a few minutes after updating to v 5.1 for the G.INP related graphs to become visible as quite a major database update is required when the new data is first uploaded.
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