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Standard User bewA
(newbie) Thu 09-Jul-15 06:16:12
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DNO Power Connection

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After what seemed to be a couple of hold ups during the FTTC roll out for the Martock (Somerset) Exchange with having to replace some longish runs of ducting for the fibre and everything else pretty much going quiet a couple of jobs have popped up on

Location: PCP 1 - S/O stoke charity shop, north street - Martock
Description: DNO power connection
Works ref: BC005KN1WBDUK-1005648-01

Description: DNO power connection
Works ref: BC005KN1WBDUK6009-6004-1

One being in Martock it's self where the Exchange is located and the other being a village between the village i live in and Martock.

Is it fair to assume that these cabinets at least are ready and having their power supply connected up?
I would also assume the fibre has been connected up and whatever connection between the PCP and NGA has been done?
During this period will the cabinet be switched on and go through some sort of soak testing for some period?
Then is the next phase the cabinet being commissioned accepting orders etc?
Depending how these two go will other NGA cabinets have their power connected and go through the same process as these first two?

I suppose as all NGA cabs started to be put in on the 22nd May this isn't to bad going. My cabinet has yet to have it's power connected but that will come in time.

thanks in advance for any input you can give smile
Standard User bewA
(newbie) Thu 09-Jul-15 22:16:21
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Re: DNO Power Connection

[re: bewA] [link to this post]
This is strange. The power connection stuff either isn't for an NGA cabinet or something is screwed up as they could be about to try and connect power to the NGA cabinet for PCP1 that doesn't actually exist yet!
Unless the cabinet is one of those mini cabinets that can go in manholes.
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