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Standard User PaulKirby
(experienced) Sat 11-Jul-15 16:53:49
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How long for DSL Databases to be updated?

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I know I may of asked this a while ago, but we have had BTOR Engineers down our road and side roads for the last few weeks now replacing old fibre cable with new and repairing/replacing the broken fibre cable enlarging an old smaller chamber to the new standard one and also to attach the arm/bar connected to the Fibre DP Enclosure to the side of the chamber/pit wall.

The last lot of the fibre work was done on the 6th or 7th where I was told by the engineers on many occasions that the work in now all complete or that it would be after they splice the fibres into the wafers in the Fibre DP enclosures which was done on the 7th and that its all now a waiting game for the databases to be updated.

I was first told by Fibre Enquiries team, Openreach via email that if all goes well I should be able to order our fibre the start of July.

This date seemed to align with all the work currently being done at the time, so I emailed saying that I was told its almost done and how long for it to go live, where I was then told that it is still showing the end of July for completion and that there was still quite a bit of work to do.

Don't get me wrong I am not moaning or anything, we have waited since end of 2011 for this to be finished so an extra 3 weeks isn't that much to wait, I was just confused when BTOR told me that there was still loads of work to be done when if fact it seems to be all done.
I am just wondering what all this work is due to all the work has been done by their engineers and that the broken piece of fibre that was broken back in 2011 was also replaced and reconnected and that the fibre from the exchange to our Fibre DP enclosures have all been done.

Or could it be where they haven't submitted their completion of work resulting in it still showing to be done.

I think I read in another post that it can take 3 working days for the database to be updated to become live once the work has completed and signed off as done, and those 3 working days would of been yesterday.

I think I will give them another week and then email them again for a status update, just in case something else has cropped up.


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