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Standard User monkehhh
(newbie) Fri 17-Jul-15 15:11:37
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Living in city centres (specifically Leeds)

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Hi everyone - I wondered if anyone could shed some light on the plan to bring fibre to residential properties in city centres such as Leeds? Currently we get around 8mbps through Sky.

As long as I've been checking the Openreach website it has said that my cabinet is under review - "We're in your area but we're still assessing whether or not we can upgrade your cabinet. This means you can't order Superfast Fibre."

It seems like I'm living in the wrong place - a bit further out and we'd be OK or if I was a business then I could apply for help to get a fibre connection. Hyperoptic have been active in the area but it looks like they've only managed to actually get one building live in Leeds, the rest (such as mine) are stuck at various stages. Hyperoptic are terrible at getting information out and my building managers are still thinking about the proposal after a year, so it seems like a dead-end or a very long way away at least.

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