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Standard User chesternutz
(newbie) Mon 27-Jul-15 01:49:40
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Noob trying to upgrade ro fibre but falls at first hurdle

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hi all

im a noob so apologies if in wrong forum pls move if required

I have been with PN for some 8 yrs with a brief gap in between due to being overseas.
the current acct has been active with adsl broadband and pstn and line rental for over 7 yrs. I have 2 mths remaining on my current pstn product.

since jan 15 I have had speed and dropped conn issues which PN maintain are down to my router. I have changed said router and reset etender plug but no chg. im in a small village 2k residents and all have had issues with adsl since the 21cn fibre became active last winter time. im sure not all are using my router so not just me with a fault and others are on BT, PN SKY and TALKTALK so it reasons to me the echg has oversubscribed and pairpinching etc is active plus demaind on the frames is somewhat heavy. Openreach are actively there 24/7

however, I thought as its my birthday weekend I would give PN one chance as upgrade to unlmtd 38mbps fibre broadband and anytime calls, as it was an additional £5.50pm.

however within an hour I got an email saying the "BAC on my line didn't match CST TYPE" and"An attempted move from ADSL 1 on WBC to ADSL2+An attempt to change the upstream capping
Please check why the order has been rejected and contact the customer"

Then the order was cancelled.

Please can anyone

A. Advise what BAC means
B. what the adsl not means and could these be the fault behind slow speeds and drop conn for months
C. will this be eadily rectified so that I can have fibre asap
D. any suggestions who I can use for stable fibre as I am disabled and rely heavily on having a stable web access and line required for care alarm.
E. can I use my current wifi extender plug in my hall to extend the router signal from the lounge to my bedroom once fibre has been installed and the new fibre active router? unsure if I need a new one as not sure if same signals received with fibre

Please feel free to PM as not to UP on the technicalities of the whole fibre and broadband network any longer.
Too long in the tooth now just want fast, stable net access and a phone line that works without sales calls constantly lol

thanks in advance

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Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Mon 27-Jul-15 08:48:12
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Re: Noob trying to upgrade ro fibre but falls at first hurdl

[re: chesternutz] [link to this post]
A. Possibly Broadband Access Code, your other post seems to suggest you are actually in the middle of a move from ADSL to ADSL2+ and while this is underway a fibre order is not possible. PlusNet once 21CN becomes available will probably move you to the newer network, which should give better throughput.
B. Never heard of 'adsl not'
C. Once the ADSL2+ move has completed then a migration to fibre should be possible
D. In terms of stability all should be the same, the difference will be in customer service, price and backhaul capacity (i.e. peak time performance)
E. Yes while you may get a new router the Wi-Fi extender will still work.

The BAC didn't match CST - really you need PlusNet to explain in non industry jargon

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