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Standard User wonkychops
(newbie) Wed 29-Jul-15 10:50:13
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FTTP and green boxes on poles

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I think my exchange is doing FTTP to my house HR4 8LW? There are new cables overhead and a new green box on the telegraph pole outside my house that engineers have been fiddling with. Does that mean I get FTTP and if so how long before I can order/use it?
Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but couldn't find it.
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Wed 29-Jul-15 11:03:03
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Re: FTTP and green boxes on poles

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Yes the plan is for you to have FTTP. shows the inside which is a set of fibre trays, which will feed the manifolds ( which live at the top of the poles in the area.

In terms of how long, very much a how long is a piece of string, main delay will be getting a fibre splice team into the area to blow and connect all the fibre together. Might be a week, a month or a year.

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