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Standard User drphibes
(member) Thu 30-Jul-15 00:21:19
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Fibre eta ?

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Our village has been waiting for the arrival of Fibre for almost 12 months now. Other than spotting the odd openreach van and chatting to the workmen it seems virtually impossible to get any information on when the service will start to get hooked up. I have emailed connecting cheshire who do not seem able to give any real information on when it might be hear and likewise openreach themselves tell me they dont know because it is a BDUK FTTP product and I should speak to connecting cheshire to get more info !!

We are on the Comberbach exchange and are using Cabinet number 3. Work is being done at various times but it would be good if somebody could give us an indication on will it be hear in 2015 or possibly slipping into 2016.
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