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Standard User schelc
(regular) Wed 09-Sep-15 21:55:06
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Dalkeith Cabinet 39

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Hi All,

Looking for some info for a friend.

He lives in Bonnyrigg and is connected to cabinet 39 on the Dalkeith exchange.

All other cabinets appear to be FTTC enabled or are in the process of being enabled.

He has been informed that cabinet 39 is not commercially viable and as this is in an area covered by BT Openreach rollout, is not covered by BDUK. Interestingly the local council has sent letters to the affected residents informing them of the situation and stating that they were prepared to pay to have the cabinet enabled but this was against EU competition rules (For info, this is not a VM enabled area).

My questions are 1) Does anyone have further details about the cabinet e.g. chances of it being upgraded, number of properties served or just general insider info wink
2) It seems odd that the council are blocked from funding when I keep reading articles on this site about councils funding broadband projects. Is the local councils statement factually wrong?

Cabinet in question (it does look half normal size),-3.0875139,...


Standard User PaulKirby
(experienced) Wed 09-Sep-15 22:22:12
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Re: Dalkeith Cabinet 39

[re: schelc] [link to this post]
All I can see is 31-Mar-17 for that cabinet.


It also says "FTTC is currently not available on this cabinet due to following reasons:- Cabinet to be enabled between Apr-16 and Mar-17. Date to be confirmed once the survey is complete.."

Hope that helps.


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Standard User schelc
(regular) Thu 10-Sep-15 08:51:34
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Re: Dalkeith Cabinet 39

[re: PaulKirby] [link to this post]
Thanks Paul, that's great.

Is there anyway to tell how many lines are on a cabinet?

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