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Standard User nemeth782
(member) Thu 17-Sep-15 15:45:56
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BT Long term plans for Alu areas?

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Does anyone know what BT's mid-long term plan is for aluminium areas?

I have two short alu FTTC lines and find that the attenuation goes sky high from about the D2 band. Even on a ~30m cable, I don't suppose G.Fast would ever do much for me as the higher frequencies just would not get through.

Do BT plan to replace all the Aluminium eventually, or will we only get faster speeds by buying FoD2 when it comes around?
Standard User Icaras
(committed) Thu 17-Sep-15 16:07:45
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Re: BT Long term plans for Alu areas?

[re: nemeth782] [link to this post]
There is no long term plan for aluminium cables
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