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Standard User gdavid
(committed) Thu 01-Oct-15 20:25:05
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Charges on moving from LLU

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I am thinking about getting Fibre since my cabinet has been upgraded.

I am currently with Xilo on LLU. They are no longer offering upgrades and so suggest Uno. The latter offer BT.

The charges look like:-
Leave Xilo £32
Connect to Uno £40
BT charge £80
All those are plus VAT which brings the total to £182, That is far too much for what will be a modest increase in speed.

I have been in contact with Pulse8 who also offer LLU on TT, and suggest in the first instance just move to them on ADSL Then later move over to Fibre. The only charge then will be £75 inc.

I don't know what the current ruling is on transferring from LLU to LLU on the same backbone. P8 said there should not be any charge since there is no contract.

I suppose it would be cheaper with TT but am not happy about their reputation when faults arise. Being in the sticks it is not uncommon.

Any advice's please.


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