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Standard User m10279
(newbie) Thu 05-Nov-15 11:49:19
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FTTC cabinet switch

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Not sure if this has been raised elsewhere - I couldn't find an obvious thread when I searched... so please re-direct me if I'm in the wrong place! Anyway...

The village where I live is served by 2 cabinets. Older properties like mine are on 1 cabinet which is 1500m away from me; newer properties are on another cabinet which is 500m away. Needless to say, when both cabinets were FTTC enabled, BT couldn't get faster broadband to work for me (and a lot of others) as I'm too far from my cabinet. So despite all the upgrading, I'm still stuck with old aluminium wires, frequent outages and a speed of 1.5mbps - if I'm lucky. So much for all the promises! frown

Of course, we asked BT why we couldn't be switched to the nearer cabinet which has the capacity (especially as the poor engineers who are constantly called out to fix unfixable problems confirmed that the main cabling to both cabinets run with 50 feet of each other).

This was far too hard for BT/Openreach to handle apparently, Their response was that it was not their policy to switch customers between cabinets. So much for customer satisfaction, eh?! But after a lot of lobbying, we discovered that trials to achieve this cabinet switching were taking place as, unsurprisingly, a lot of other customers across the country must be facing the same problem and face the prospect, like me, of being in the 5% of the population who will always be too hard to fix ie read too expensive, to receive an adequate broadband service.

So I guess I'm wondering if there are others out there in the same position. If so do you know the status and results of any trials? Has it been resolved for you? Did the cabinet switching work? Have the trials ended? Is there a plan to roll out a switching service?

Any information gratefully received. smile
Standard User Ribble
(fountain of knowledge) Thu 05-Nov-15 12:53:29
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Re: FTTC cabinet switch

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Network rearrangement has been confined to either privately funded projects or BDUK gap funded areas. If you are in a BDUK funded area it's probably best to contact them.
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