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Standard User edwincluck
(member) Wed 11-Nov-15 11:24:41
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Telco giants reignite broadband battle

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This morning's CityAM newspaper carries a front page headline "TELCO GIANTS REIGNITE BROADBAND BATTLE" as the sector heats-up for a showdown on the future of BT Group.

In an op-ed piece, Andrew Griffith, CFO at Sky, reignites the "war of words" between the UK’s biggest telecoms giants, "as the clock ticks down on Ofcom’s probe into the broadband market and decision on whether to carve out Openreach from BT."
"With Ofcom due to reveal its verdict in January, Vodafone’s boss accused BT of trying to “re-monopolise” the sector, prompting a furious response from its rival.

"Sky and TalkTalk have thrown their weight behind Vodafone, with Virgin backing BT.

BT has hit back calling the claims "misleading and downright inaccurate."

A statement from BT said: "The 'm word' - monopoly - is being used to set false hares running.

"Nobody minds robust debate, but it helps when those making allegations first check their data and get the basic facts right.

Yesterday was the turn of Vodafone CEO Vittorio Colao to enter the fray. Interviewed on the flagship BBC Radio 4 Today Programme (1h30m mark), Signor Colao claimed that BT is hellbent on dominating the sector, just as it did in the days as a state-owned monopoly. No argument with that.

Colao also noted that BT's largest shareholder will soon be Deutsche Telekom, another ex-state monopoly. The controversial £12.5bn buyout of EE will see BT stock swapped in lieu of cash with EE's current owner, Deutsche Telekom.

There's a certain irony when an Italian warns us in faltering English, and on Armistice Day to boot, that the Germans are taking over the British telecommunications market! What ever would Mister Churchill have said?!


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