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Standard User henhead78
(newbie) Thu 24-Mar-16 15:31:00
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connection dropped by 20meg

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I have connected for the past 12months at around 60meg, however its now dropped to 40meg.I had an email from my provider informing me that my current connection was 63.6Mbp after 14 days and has been for a year.

Now Sync at 15605 / 42101 but my router shows my maximum is data rate is 15549 / 68663.

I have contacted my provider who says that my current speed is aceptable regardless of what I had in he past? and I can do nothing about it? as my line estimate is (coincidently) 45.2M even though I always nearly maxed 65M

Anything I can do, or am I stuck with this lower speed?
Standard User lee111s
(committed) Thu 24-Mar-16 19:23:11
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Re: connection dropped by 20meg

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Has your downstream noise margin increased?
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