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Standard User bowdon
(member) Sun 10-Apr-16 20:29:59
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FTTP at the exchange - how is this decided?

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I was just wondering, when I look up the telephone exchanges some are listed as having FTTP and FTTC, while others just having FTTC listed.

If an exchange just as FTTC does that mean the area covered as no current chance of getting FTTP services?

Only people living with an exchange listed as having FTTP services have a chance of getting FTTP services?

Also how are these exchanges decided on which should get FTTP? There are 4 main exchanges near me. 2 are big ones which I expected to have FTTP. But the other one is is heading towards the countryside and that has FTTP listed. But mine, in a medium sized town with both a higher residential and business lines only has FTTC? I'd like to know how OR decide which exchanges are prioritized.

Also, with the coming of does that mean all exchanges will have to be upgraded to FTTP capability in order to push fibre out further to allow for functions?

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Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Sun 10-Apr-16 21:00:27
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Re: FTTP at the exchange - how is this decided?

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A lot depends on the place you are seeing exchanges classed as FTTP

Talking at the exchange wide level is more or less useless you need to look at cabinet/postcode/address level at least

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