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Standard User chrisbond
(learned) Fri 22-Apr-16 11:31:27
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FTTP order no commit date from bt wholesale 36 days in.

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Just trying to venting my frustration with bt's lack of ability to process an order correctly!

Ordered FTTP 36 days ago through zen, initial survey done quickly by an engineer but report took a week to get back to survey team. Then have been constantly chasing it on review date with zen. Order stalled several times.

Did manage to get the order need new pole installed which has 71 day build time but currently getting system fault program and will not let zen clear the exception so it can move onto the 71 day build time.

Zen order tracking currently showing - 36 days Wait for Customer Promise date from BT Wholesale.

Very frustrating as people in the village are all fine, but this cul da sac has armoured cable no ducts so going to take an age to get them to sort it frown.
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