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Standard User rupert999
(newbie) Tue 26-Apr-16 17:10:57
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Twyford Hampshire - Delayed Commercial Cab

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Hi all,

Long time lurker, first time poster but needed a place to vent. This story will sound very familiar to many but I'm putting it out there just incase I've missed a trick or two...

And so the tale begins, back in 2013, when BT were happily plodding along, rolling out commercial cabinets in Twyford (Hampshire, STTWYFD). Cabinet 2 was installed, cabled up, power installed (but not turned on) - But alas came along a big pot of gold in the way of a BDUK contract and so derailed the commercial roll out in favour of the lucrative pot of gold.

And so fast forward to today, 3 years later. The cabinet is still sat there gathering dust, when it could have been doing so much more for the village.

So we reach an odd situation - If you take Twyford exchange every commercial cab apart from P2 was enabled. All phase 1 BDUK cabs are also complete and BT are now moving on to phase 2 cabs.... but where does that leave the one remaining commercial cab? It has now been stuck in "In Scope" status for 3 years....even though it's physically there!

I've tried contacting Hampshire CC via their superfast team - they give a generic "this is a commercial cab - we can't help you" answer.

In terms of adslchecker we've got a "Cabinet will be enabled between Apr 16 and Apr 17 pending survey" message... but as we all know those dates seem to automatically slip when they get close.

So my question is... whats next? Has anyone had any success with contacting OR? Any other avenues that can be pursued? I'm even contemplating 'threatening' my own FTTH dig in the village as that seems to make BT wake up

Standard User BatBoy
(sensei) Tue 26-Apr-16 17:48:07
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Re: Twyford Hampshire - Delayed Commercial Cab

[re: rupert999] [link to this post]
Yes, I see the live date currently is March 31, 2017
In reference to
Address CLEVEDALE, THE AVENUE, TWYFORD, WINCHESTER, SO21 1NJ on Exchange TWYFORD is served by Cabinet 2
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