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Standard User JHo1
(regular) Mon 23-May-16 13:13:24
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Second time round

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I've been wondering what the higher percentage coverage targets mean for those of us who have been upgraded to FTTC by BDUK projects but who get less than "Superspeed", be it 24 or 30Mbps.

I happened to look at the Connecting Cheshire website and found a document

which tells me that a consultation is under way (expires on 25th so get your skates on) to identify those areas, designated "White Areas", receiving less than 30Mbps. I get 15Mbps and my post code appears in the white list. The map shows something approaching 50% (by eyeball) of the area covered by the Connecting Cheshire project as being white.

So something is happening, even if it is only the early stages of information gathering.

Incidentally, splatting "EU sponsored" all over it, is not a sufficient bribe to buy my vote

Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Mon 23-May-16 13:24:55
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Re: Second time round

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What it means for you all depends on their eventual aim for the new round of spending e.g. if still some low hanging fruit i.e. areas where a cheap upgrade with VDSL2 will help then those will probably be done first.

Cheshire has already used some native FTTP, and other projects have started to do infill in limited slow FTTC areas. Odds look a bit higher if businesses in the area affected.

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