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Standard User KenFarquhar
(newbie) Mon 27-Jun-16 13:22:05
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Replacing ISP provided FIbre/VDSL Router

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Recently got superfast fibre broadband installed from SSE. Whole process went without any major problems and getting reasonable download and network speeds with the supplier Thomson TG598vac modem-router.

However the wireless performance is not great so decided to invest in Netgear Nighthawk router and have bought an X4 R7500.

Now trying to work out the best option for adding this to network.

Obviously its a router-only so will need to either:
(a) retain the TG598vac but disable any routing / wifi functions or

(b) swap the TG589 for a simple (Openreach) modem to connect the Nighthawk router to.

I imagine this is quite a common upgrade scenario moving to fibre - does anyone have any suggestions / tips on the best option or point me to anywhere I can find information.

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