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Standard User chris9600
(newbie) Tue 12-Jul-16 20:39:52
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Cannot order fibre - Openreach database errors

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We have been trying for months to get a FTTP service ordered for our business premises, but we are having no luck as the Openreach database seems to say that it is not available to us.

We are on a business park near Cambridge that was built about six years ago. When the park was built, Openreach installed the ducts ready for FTTP installation, but at the time, the park had no postcode, so the installations were recorded as being at the closest postcode (buildings further down the road).

The postcode has since been allocated by royal mail.

We have had orders cancelled by BT retail and also by our phone provider as they say FTTP is not available at our address. I've done some digging using the Openreach 'where can I get fibre' page' and found that our address is listed at FOUR different postcodes. The entry that has the correct postcode only exists because we managed to place an order for an additional copper line. The idea was that this would at least get our correct address in the database, but it has not got us any further with a fibre order. One of the postcodes says 'accepting orders' for FTTP and the other two say accepting orders for FTTC. I am sure that FTTC is not available to us as I have checked using the phone numbers of the three copper lines that we have and they all say we are in an FTTP area.

We know that FTTP is available as most of our neighbours have it. FTTP is listed as accepting orders, but at the wrong postcode (we have even tried ordering using the incorrect postcode, but that order was thrown out as the billing address postcode was different). Ironically there is already a fibre installed with a BT NTE that gives us an ISDN connection for our phone system.

Is there any way that I can contact openreach to get the details corrected as we are currently stuck with ADSL on one of the copper lines?


Standard User PaulKirby
(fountain of knowledge) Wed 13-Jul-16 00:12:37
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Re: Cannot order fibre - Openreach database errors

[re: chris9600] [link to this post]
Well there is 2 forms that you could try:

[Not Fibre Related, response within 2 days]

[Fibre Related, response within 7 to 10 days]

Both of the above links are found here:
'-> Select "About something else." section.
'-> Scroll down and then click on the link in the section "The reason I want to contact Openreach is not covered by any of the topics listed here. What should I do?" which will pop up a window where you will see a few choices, two of which I linked above.

Or you could just email them here: you might be lucky and get a reply the same day, I have on a few occasions had a reply within a few hours, where a few times I had to wait for 6 days for a reply.

Hope one of those helps.

Standard User chris9600
(newbie) Wed 13-Jul-16 22:59:06
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Re: Cannot order fibre - Openreach database errors

[re: PaulKirby] [link to this post]
Thanks PaulKirby, I'll try emailing and see if I get a response.

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