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Standard User justintime15
(newbie) Mon 25-Jul-16 21:11:59
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York Cabinet 106

[link to this post]
I previously posted about Cabinet 106 in York that was left out/dropped temporarily from BT's commercial roll out (I suspect this was while they completed BDUK projects).

After pestering OR via the silly form the have and having a number of meaningless responses and then speaking to my MP who wrote a letter to OR I have found out via the OR website that cabinet 106 is now in the "design phase" and the codelook website has the following (recent (July)) update:
Cabinet 106
FTTC doing Design, live due by June 2017 Phase 17b Huawei

I was hoping more experienced forum members might provide insights into:

a) whether this timescale is realistic (where do codelook get the info from?);
b) should I keep an eye on the and what would I expect to see on the website to highlight OR activity?;
c) finally BTOR had back in 2012 partly installed FTTP infrastructure (manifolds on top of a couple of telegraph poles on my street and nearby with fibre tubing heading underground with ducting back to the base of the current PCP cabinet 106. I assume they did not blow any fibre into the tubing yet? Some nearby neighbouring streets (not served by Cabinet 106) can get FTTP but OR appeared to have run out of steam for my specific area.... Is there any chance that BT could do the field survey and decide to complete the FTTP installation (they must have spent quite a lot already) or is the codelook information (FTTC) more likely? Should I email OR and remind them they have lots of FTTP infrastructure in place!

Any thoughts/advice gratefully received!
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Wed 27-Jul-16 09:41:19
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Re: York Cabinet 106

[re: justintime15] [link to this post]
a) June 2017 is possible (as for where their data will have come from Openreach originally)
b) is good but not everything is on there,
c) Some FTTP builds that were commercial and went into sleep mode have been restarted so that is also possible, they may just finish what is in place and give the rest FTTC rather than expand the FTTP (many variables and all scenarios have been used at least once somewhere in the UK)

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