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Standard User AndyR123
(newbie) Thu 11-Aug-16 13:54:56
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FTTP Rollout (Ashford Middx)

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Hi all,

Ashford (Middlesex - LWASH) has a high concentration of FTTP lines, and the cabinet I am on (P36) does has a number of houses that can receive FTTP, however my street does not (so there is fibre running through the cabinet, just not to our road)

Is there a way in which I can contact BT in order to find out any reasons as to why our road hasn't been Fibred up as yet? We do live in a gated community, and the lines run underground, so if they require access, we can get permission.

Whenever I have used the "Contact Us" pages, BT have only ever come back with the usual "keep checking our page". A number of residents are also willing to contribute towards the costs - I have tried the "Co Funding" section on BT's site to no avail as well.

Please advise if anyone knows of any other route we could try?

Many thanks

Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Thu 11-Aug-16 14:41:38
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Re: FTTP Rollout (Ashford Middx)

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Gated community where the roads are private is probably a problem, since FTTP often needs new pavement chambers to accommodate the splitters and thus easier to bypass those roads i.e. Code Powers do not apply and negotiation even when a private owner is happy adds to the costs.

The community fibre site should get an answer, but if nothing and its been several weeks since contact, then get in touch with me and will pester.

Some FTTP areas went into hibernation when the original P roll-out was scaled back, so a small chance they may reawaken once the pace of FTTC roll-out slows down.

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