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(newbie) Sat 29-Oct-16 22:23:51
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new build new postcode, wrong exchange?

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So I'm trying to find out about broadband options at our new house with a new postcode, and getting wildly inconsistent messages about availability depending on which ISP web site I try. I think the probable cause is that some BT database lists us as attached to the wrong exchange, but please read on for details

The full address is {number omitted} Foundry Mews, Walthamstow E17 4FT, and it's on a former carpark next to a building in E17 4AA. So -

Step 1

Using the DSL checker at

it tells me that Foundry Mews, Walthamstow E17 4FT is served by WALTHAMSTOW exchange Cabinet 46

Step 2

I looked at the "codelook" database for the postcodes served by that cabinet

they're on average over a mile south of my house. It seems (1) to be a very odd choice of cabinet to wire us up to, and (2) to be so close to the actual Walthamstow exchange that it may even be right on top of it - so, maybe some kind of 'default' setting for cabs that don't actually exist or that nobody is quite sure where they are?

Step 3

By checking for other nearby postcodes I learn that we're right on the border of two exchanges: E17 4EE over the road is in "Highams Hill" exchange . If I do a search for Cab 46 on Higham's Hill exchange, I get something far more plausible -

Adding plausibility to this hypothesis is that P46 in Higham's Hill is mostly serving other newbuild houses around the corner from us.

So, (1) is this likely; (2) is it the probable cause for the observed fact that half the ISPs I try say we can't have FTTC, and (3) if so, how do we go about getting it fixed? I haven't actually moved in yet, but have exchanged and expected to complete in the next week or so, so trying to get life's little essentials sorted out sooner rather than later.
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