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Standard User Tolq
(newbie) Fri 02-Dec-16 14:38:37
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Current stage of DSSB rollout?

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Living too far from the cabinet to benefit from the recent upgrade to FTTC, I have been trying for a while to find out, whether our address is included in the curent rollout plans or if we are part of the "final 5%".
I was recently told by a BT Community Fibre representative that my postcode (AB52 6LS) is "currently in scope as part of Digital Scotland HIE Phase 5 Infill". The Digital Scotland team can't give any indications of timescales as yet due to it being too early in the planning process or indeed the delivery mechaninsm.

My question is, whether there is any way for me to find out, which stage the DSSB rollout is currently at?

I was also told by the same rep that due to the remoteness of our location (only 9 houses registered within our postcode), a FTTP rollout is more likely than FTTC - is there any evidence/precedence to support that suggestion?
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