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Standard User Bluehero
(newbie) Fri 10-Feb-17 16:17:56
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Fibre Delay

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Hi All

Our Fibre cabinet has been on hold since June 2015. I beliveve the cabinet is going to serve around 60 properties and I have been the reason for the delay is that in around 400m of ducting there is no further capacity to house the fibre cables.

Openreach have stated that at present the cost to replace this is too excessive without disclosing any figures.

Anyone have an estimate as to what this would entail both time wise and cost? Road in question is a country road so any disruption would be minor
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Fri 10-Feb-17 17:20:22
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Re: Fibre Delay

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For brand new ducting looking at £50 to £60 per metre or more

The normal deployment uses a 25m tube with mini tubes in that to carry the fibre, but there is potential to use the new thinner deployment methods they are using for FTTP, which only needs a gap of 7 to 10mm and can often squeeze into full ducts....they may have tried this approach already and found a duct rod won't get through (around same diameter).

Time is very open ended, it could be just 2 metres where things are a bit tight and with access could be rearranged with a day long dig, or it might be a 400m slog all the way down the road.

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