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Standard User Sheza
(newbie) Sun 05-Mar-17 17:01:37
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TBB Graph - sudden doubling of minimum latency

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Hi there,

I am on an oversubscribed Virgin Media connection, so my graph is usually colourful. I check the broadband performance graphs every day just to keep an eye on things, and noticed something very odd over the past couple of days.

The graph is showing a doubling of minimum latency. What's odd about it is that when virtually nobody is online (say, 3am) it goes back down to what it used to be. Then as soon as 'normal' hours commence, it shoots up, even if I'm able to get my top speed at that time. So it looks sort-of peak-time related and sort-of not?

Here's the graph from LAST SUNDAY 12am-12am:

Here's the graph YESTERDAY/TODAY 5pm-5pm:

And here's the graph on the first day it started (FRIDAY 3 MARCH) 12am-12am:

Should probably reset the hub to start, but I have a SamKnows box and don't want to disturb that if possible. So I just wondered if anyone knew what might be up. I can't recall anything being different on Friday that was lead to this change.

I am in modem mode to a TP-Link C8 router.

Thanks in advance
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