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Standard User justintime15
(newbie) Sat 18-Mar-17 14:49:54
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Estimated time for FTTC to go live

[link to this post]

Finally it looks like there is about to be some BT/OR activity to improve speeds for residents and businesses using PCP Cabinet 106 in York. Whilst I have been in regular contact with OR (and my MP) to try to persuade them to complete the FTTP installation that they began in 2012 in my and nearby streets, it looks like users of Cabinet 106 will be getting a new FTTC DSLAM nearby - which is not a surprise and at least will be an improvement on ADSL speeds for most. suggests: Planned work 5-18 April

Install 34m of 2 poly ducts in Footway,Install 7m of 2 poly ducts in Verge,Provide, Renew or Recover 1 DSLAM street cabinet and base


Install 7 of 1 way power duct in Verge,Install 9m of 1 way power duct in Footway,Performing an 1excavation to expose existing power cable in Footway

Question: Assuming the work is undertaken as indicated on - how long is it on average until I should be able to order through my CP?

Also the old PCP106 is of a very old type and does not appear to have much room in it (when I once saw a Kellys engineer with it open) - do you think they will replace it (or would that be mentioned on

Finally Virgin are closing in around my area so I wonder whether they might look ahead and plan some limited G.Fast provision - or is that too optimistic!? Would they need to replace the old PCP to do that?

Many thanks
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Sat 18-Mar-17 15:25:01
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Re: Estimated time for FTTC to go live

[re: justintime15] [link to this post] would with current deployments only arrive after a VDSL2 cabinet has appeared.

As for time scale, could be a few weeks or could be a year

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