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Standard User Nightglow
(member) Wed 21-Jun-17 10:39:52
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Speed Discrepancy

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Have had 4 days of mystery disconnections,quite a few of only a few minutes, & a lot of longer ones,Saturday down 2 hours, Sunday 30 minutes & 2 hours, thought it was weather related but early hours of Monday it went down at 2am & still down at 3:30am, so not weather.
Currently using a HG612 & RT-N66U, rock steady for months at 73Mb & 16.5Mb, cotacted BT about possible line fault, they were useless, couldn't test my line because I'm not using a Home Hub, total BS, never had a problem before testing line.
And yesterday a surprise package arrived, a shiney new Home Hub 6, so this morning I thought I give a try,things now it get weirder, connected & popped over to BTW Performance Test & get a IP Profile for your line is - 54.56 Mbps & 18Mbps, reconnecting my HG612 my IP Profile goes back up to 73Mbps & 16.5mbps.
Even using the speed test on this site,results are almost identical, is the HH6 capping my line.
Standard User lee111s
(fountain of knowledge) Wed 21-Jun-17 11:56:30
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Re: Speed Discrepancy

[re: Nightglow] [link to this post]
The HH6 modem is likely just rubbish.
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