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Standard User coccorito
(newbie) Sat 24-Jun-17 11:06:12
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Italy 35b review

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Hi everyone.
A little review about FTTC 35b here in Italy.
My contract is 200mbit/s download, 20mbit/s upload. I pay about 40 euros every 4 weeks ( 30 euros first year ), included phone line, modem/router and phone.

The modem/router we got, Technicolor DGA 4130

A little review in italian

My line parameters

My speed tests

I'm about 100 meters away from the cabinet, so for now i have no problems, when in past got 100mbit/s line ( 17a ) my speed ( because there were other users on the same cabinet ) was about 72/73mbit/s

For now i think i'm the only one who has the 35b activated on the cabinet
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