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Standard User DuSTman
(newbie) Thu 29-Jun-17 18:50:17
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Incomplete ex-omne network?

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A few years back Omne communications started to buildout a fibre cable TV service in my home town (carnforth), but apparently hit funding problems part-way through. They installed a number of cabinets throughout morecambe, lancaster, and carnforth.

While the successors (smallworld cable, part of Virgin due to a series of mergers) only offered service in Morecambe, many of the cabinets they placed throughout Lancaster and Carnforth are nonetheless intact, though Virgin does not list these addresses as having service.

I'm now moving to a house which is about 40m from an intact cabinet that was installed with the omne build, but the Virgin availability checker comes back negative.. If anyone here was involved with this built, I'd be very interested to learn exactly how far the build got before the plug was pulled..

- I notice that most of the places these cabinets were installed did not have new trenches dug for new ducts. I guess omne installed its cables in existing BT ducts?
- IIRC this was to be a 150Mb ATM network based on alcatel switches.. Are these switches still there, or were they stripped from carnforth (or never installed, for that matter)?

Any additional info about this buildout plan would be most interesting.

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